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2012: Or Why the World Isn't Ending Just Yet!Jim KenneyDec 20 2010 The latest New Age apocalyptic preoccupation is based on a curious misreading of the ancient Maya calendar. Jim Kenney examines a great story woven from poor scholarship.
The Adventure of DyingGlenn MullinJan 3 2012 Explore how we might prepare ourselves for the moment of death. Glenn's recent book, The Tibetan Book of the Dead, An Illustrated Edition, is a re-contextualization of the classic Tibetan text and provides the basis for this workshop.
Adyar: Home of the Theosophical SocietySteve SchweizerSep 1 1993 A documentary of life at the international headquarters of the Theosophical Society, which is located at Adyar, a suburb of Chennai, India. Sold on DVD as part of a 2-part set entitled Discovering the Theosophical Society.
Aging and Dying: A Journey into the SoulRam DassApr 29 2003 When we approach aging in a conscious way, we discover that it is an exquisitely designed system for moving us out of the ego and into the soul. The speaker shares his stories about these profound stages in our spiritual journey.
All-Pervading DivinitySwami AtmavidyanandaOct 3 2013 The Upanishads are a collection of philosophical texts that form the basis of the Hindu religion. In this recording, Swamiji discusses a verse which states that there is nothing that is not God. By definition, God is all-pervading.
Alone and Together: Welcoming an Emerging WholenessMaria ParisenJul 22 2012 A hidden wholeness is said to embrace and inform all creation. We may discover that undivided unity as the future unfolds within and through us. A presentation of the 126th Summer National Convention of the Theosophical Society in America.
The Ancient Mysteries and Modern MasonryJohn AlgeoNov 3 2005 What have the ancient mysteries of Eleusis, Isi, and Mithra got to do with modern Freemasonry? Find out as we explore aspects of Masonry you may be unaware of.
Approaches to Discipleship and the Theosophical SocietyC.V.K. MaithreyaJul 18 2011 A lifelong Theosophist shares some insights and perspectives on the meaning and method of spiritual discipleship. This program was given at the 125th Summer National Gathering of the Theosophical Society in America.
Are We Alone?Jim KenneyApr 2 2009 Physicist Paul Davies in his book Are We Alone? explores scientific inquiry into the possibility of extra-terrestrial intelligence. If we are not alone, what are the implications for our views of the universe?
At the Feet of the MasterJiddu KrishnamurtiSep 13 1996 Theosophical classic on living the spiritual life, read by actress Dana Ivey.
Autumnal Equinox: Finding EquilibriumDorothy BellDec 6 2010 The Autumnal Equinox is a powerful time of balancing cycles. The speaker explores some practical ways of achieving balance and harmony in our personal relationships.
Awakening to the Flow of Shifting ConditionsSantikaroOct 24 2013 The Buddha challenged the assumptions of religious tradition. Instead of there being static entities and states, he realized that everything was subject to the law of dependent co-arising. Suffering ends when there is no "somebody" to suffer.
Balance in the Physical RealmRobyn FinsethJul 21 2012 Using basic premises learned from ESP, reincarnation, action/reaction, and energy fields, we will explore how healing requires us to not get in our own way. A presentation of the 126th Summer National Convention of the Theosophical Society in America.
Be the Change---Service and Transformational Practices: Panel DiscussionVic Hao Chin Jr., Dorothy Bell, and Fernando de Torrijos; with Tim BoydJul 23 2013 In this panel discussion from the 127th annual summer convention of The Theosophical Society in America, the speakers address the conference theme of "Be the Change" and how we can apply that in our daily lives.
Be the Change---Service and Transformational Practices: Short TalksPatrizia Calvi, Usha Shah, & Dr. Deepa Padhi; with Ananya RajanJul 22 2013 A program of the 127th annual convention of the Theosophical Society in America features three short talks: "The Gift of Service" by Patrizia Calvi; "Empower a Woman and We Empower the Universe" by Usha Shah; and "Look Within to Reach Out" by Deepa Padhi.
The Beehive of ConsciousnessEneida CarbonellJul 16 2011 This lecture looks at key features and relations in quantum physics and Theosophy, which suggests that consciousness is the primary reality. This program was given at the 125th Summer National Gathering of the Theosophical Society in America.
Before Abraham Was, I AmChristopher BamfordNov 1 2008 Inner Christianity—like inner Judaism and inner Islam—begins with Abraham. This talk will trace the ramifications of his path through examples drawn from the three Abrahamic religions.
The Bhagavad GitaTranslated by Annie BesantNov 26 2007 A dramatic reading, by narrator Paul Meier, of India's greatest Hindu classic. Introduction by John Algeo.
The Bhagavad Gita: Universality of Humanity's Spiritual StruggleSwami Purnatmananda GiriJan 31 2013 The Bhagavad Gita is part of the great war epic, "The Mahabharata." The warrior Arjuna's situation represents the story of each human being and the spiritual struggle in the battlefield of life.
Blavatsky's Tibet: Sacred Power Places and their Spiritual MysteriesGlenn MullinFeb 23 2007 This slide lecture journey looks at some of the sacred sites of Central Tibet that are associated with the spiritual legacy of H. P. Blavatsky, co-founder of the modern Theosophical movement, and explores the healing power of pilgrimage.
The Buddha's Birthday: The Miracle of Being AwakeJohn CianciosiMay 3 2012 Millions around the world celebrate the Buddha's birthday on the full-moon of May. What is the significance of this event and how is it relevant for us today? What does the Buddha's enlightenment tell us about our own potential for the "Highest Happiness?
Buddha's Views on Sexuality and MarriageJohn CianciosiJan 19 2012 Most of the views that people hold regarding human sexual conduct come from cultural norms of the society.
The Buddha's Way to a Trouble-Free MindJohn CianciosiSep 12 2013 In addition to encouraging us to strive for the lofty goal of Nirvana, the Buddha also offered very pragmatic advice on how to maintain a trouble-free mind while living an ordinary life with all its concerns, problems, and challenges.
The Buddhist Niyamas: Five Cosmic LawsOlande AnandaJun 14 2012 The Buddha taught that there are five distinct laws, or Niyamas, that cause things to happen. Our present circumstances are the result of countless factors that are always in flux, karma being only one of those factors.
The Buddhist Path of Serenity and InsightAjahn PasannoNov 29 2012 The Buddha taught a path by which people can realize enlightenment. The practice of meditation forms part of this path. It only requires a little effort. Once we see that the mind is the creator of the world, then we can choose what to create.
Buddhist Sacred LiteratureHelen ZaharaMay 7 2009 The Buddhist canon is a rich and vast panorama of knowledge. Its religious texts comprise a vast mass of homilies on moral rules, to parables, stories, and biographical episodes, to expositions on deep and abstruse philosophical concepts.
Building Pyramids of Enduring ChangeVic Hao Chin, Jr.Jul 23 2013 In this presentation from the 127th annual summer convention of the Theosophical Society in America, Vic Hao Chin, Jr. explains how efforts to bring about societal transformation need to be accompanied by an understanding of how change can be sustained.
Cathars, the Good ChristiansHolly Sullivan McClureJan 20 2011 The speaker is an ordained priest in the Celtic Christian Church. Blending influences from her maternal Cherokee family and her paternal Scottish ancestors, Holly has come up with her own style of storytelling and writing. She is an author of many books.
Chance or Law in Human Life?Geoffrey HodsonJan 1 1967 Is human life governed by a series of fortuitous occurrences or is there an overriding principle of justice which takes into account our thoughts, motives, and actions?
Clairvoyance and ESP: Connecting to the SpiritsRobyn FinsethOct 31 2013 The speaker examines the modern history of those thought to have communicated with spirits from the other side and discusses how social attitudes have become more open to people possessing psychic abilities such as clairvoyance or ESP.
Conservative Soul, Liberal SoulJim KenneyOct 16 2008 Andrew Sullivan, noted conservative columnist who has emerged as one of the sharpest critics of the modern right, has written a powerful account of his own conservatism, The Conservative Soul: How We Lost It and How To Get It Back.
A Conversation with Joy Mills and Michael GomesJoy Mills and Michael Gomes, with Tim BoydJul 21 2012 At a presentation of the 126th Summer National Convention of the Theosophical Society in America, authors Joy Mills and Michael Gomes engage in a free-wheeling discussion about the Theosophical Society and the Wisdom Tradition.
The Core of TransformationVic Hao Chin, Jr.Jul 20 2013 A presentation of the 127th summer national convention of the The Theosophical Society in America looks at the ways in which we are transformed through service to others.
Cosmos, Soul, and Holy EcologyGabrielle UleinDec 22 2010 Discover earth-care as soul-care and share in what Thomas Berry called “The Great Work” – to assist “the human community toward a more appropriate relationship with this stupendous creation."
Cracking the Gnostic CodeJohn AlgeoNov 9 2006 Gnosis means spiritual knowledge while Gnosticism was an ancient pre-Christian form of esoteric wisdom. The speaker refers to Gnostic texts translated by the 19th century Theosophist G. R. S. Mead, and shows how the Gnostics coded their wisdom.
Creative EvolutionAmit GoswamiJul 24 2012 At a presentation of the 126th Summer National Convention of the Theosophical Society in America, Dr. Goswami looks beyond neo-darwinism to a new theory of creative evolution, which vindicates ideas of H. P. Blavatsky, Sri Aurobindo, and T. de Chardin.
Creative Meditation: Balancing Inner and Outer ActionMaria ParisenJul 25 2013 The helpful effect of any thought, emotion or physical gesture depends upon the depth of its source and the extent of its outreach. Meditation is a way of action which unifies spiritual perception, intellect, heart and body.
Curso Introductorio de TeosofíaEnrique Renard (conferencia). Copyright 1997, Your Records, Inc.Jan 1 1997 Este curso básico de Teosofía es presentado en español por Enrique Renard. El material se basa en el Curso Introductorio de Teosofía, de Emogene Simons. (7 CD's).
Cynical Idealist vs. Closet Yogi: The Spiritual Paths of John Lennon & George HarrisonGary TilleryOct 27 2011 John Lennon and George Harrison led two widely different spiritual lives. Yet the paths they followed diverged from exactly the same point: an unforgettable experience they shared one night in April of 1965.
The Dawning of the Theosophical AgeMichael GomesFeb 16 2012 Michael Gomes speaks about the function of esoteric history, the use of tradition and lineage, and additional discoveries that he's made about the subject.
Death and ImmortalityRadha BurnierJul 23 2000 A presentation at the 114th Annual Meeting and Summer School of the Theosophical Society in America, examining the truly immortal nature of the human condition and how we might access it. It is suggested that our fear of physical death and the desire for
Desire and Spiritual SelfishnessEd AbdillFeb 9 2011 In The Voice of the Silence we are told to kill out desire. Yet surely it must have some purpose. If we look closely at the obvious and subtle forms of desire, we may discover both its purpose and the dangers that threaten our Inner Self.
A Destiny in Common: Energetic Activism for the Sake of All LifeSister Gabriele UhleinJul 20 2013 A presentation of the 127th summer national convention of the Theosophical Society in America explores how energetic activism can be a positive force when applied to life on the planet as a whole, of which we are all interconnected.
The Dice Game of ShivaRichard SmoleyMar 12 2009 The story of Shiva’s dice game, in which the god always loses to his divine consort, is one of the most profound yet most baffling of Hindu myths. What does this mean in terms of moment-to-moment life?
Discovering the Path of Least ResistanceJohn CianciosiOct 1 1998 The “path of least resistance” is not the same as thing as the path of least effort or the path of laziness. It is a way of living that allows us to go from point A to point B while encountering the least amount of misery, strain, and conflict.
The Divine Plan: The Child of Chaos and OrderMartin LeidermanJul 25 2004 A series of talks given at the 118th Annual Meeting and Summer School.

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Does Intention Create the World?John CianciosiDec 6 2010 Although we speak of the world “out there,” the Buddha taught that the beginning and the end of the world is to be found within this body and mind.
Dreams: Language of the SoulLaurel ClarkNov 7 2013 Did you know that Abraham Lincoln had a dream that predicted his assassination and that Handel heard in his dreams the music for his famous "Messiah?" Learn how dreams can help solve everyday problems, offer insight into life's purpose.
The Dynamic Core of Buddhist MeditationSantikaroMay 30 2013 The meditation teachings of early Buddhism emphasize a dynamic interaction of tranquility and seeing clearly. Along with mindfulness, we cultivate an awareness that is clean, clear, undistracted, steady, bright, malleable, and agile.
Earth's Interdimensional Life-forms and Nature SpiritsAtala Dorothy ToyNov 1 2012 Trees and rocks hold energy in place for all on earth to enjoy. Not moving very fast and maturing slowly, they embody the experiences and energies they are meant to work with. With careful observation, these energies can be understood.
Embracing the Ways of LoveMaria ParisenMay 8 2009 The challenge of the spiritual life is first to establish an intimate, conscious connection with the Self within. Mystics of all cultures agree on how to begin, and they offer important insights on what to expect along the way.
Emerging Mythologies for the Aquarian AgeRay GrasseJun 6 2013 Already, there are intriguing signs of a new set of mythologies emerging into global consciousness, which are dramatically different from those of our past. Explore some of those possibilities as revealed in cinema, literature, science, and television.
Emotional Freedom Technique: A Practical Tool for Emotional HealthTom MasbaumFeb 27 2014 Learn and experience the basics of Emotional Freedom technique (EFT), a tool used to release negative emotions that are often the cause or root of many other emotional and physical symptoms. EFT is a simple application of acupuncture without needles.
Energetic Connectivity: Coherence, Intuition, and the Heart Field EnvironmentRollin McCratyJul 23 2012 At a presentation of the 126th Summer National Convention of the Theosophical Society in America, Dr. Rollin McCraty presents the latest research findings in heart-brain interactions and the state of heart coherence and optimal function.
Energía Cósmica: Meditación GuiadaNori RaoJan 1 1991 Nori Rao se dedica al es­tudio comparativo de Re­ligiones y Filosofías. Es ins­tructora de Yoga y fundadora de Oneness Network. Preside la Federación de la Florida de la Sociedad Teo­sófica en América.
The Esoteric PlatoRenee WeberJan 1 1977 Basic introduction to Plato, his teachings, and the esoteric and theosophic principles inherent in his teachings.
The Eternal Pilgrim: A Panel DiscussionEd Abdill, Sunita & C.V.K Maithreya, Susan Hale, & Maria ParisenJul 20 2011 This panel examines the true meaning of spiritual pilgrimage and discipleship. This program was given at the 125th Summer National Gathering of the Theosophical Society in America.
The Etheric FieldPhoebe BenditMar 29 2010 Learn how the etheric field works as a mirror of consciousness, a bridge mechanism.
The Evolution of GodJim KenneyMay 13 2010 Looks at how human conceptions of God have evolved over time and, in the process, have proved quite adaptive.
Experiencing Your Sacred GeometrySue BrownMar 6 2014 The human body expresses complexities beyond imagination. This presentation reveals the beauty of that perfection by showing its relationship to sacred geometry, the underlying metaphysical principle of Divine Proportion, or the Golden Mean.
Experiments in TelepathyDavid BruceFeb 22 2010 What is the recent scientific evidence suggestive of mental telepathy? Theosophy says that thoughts are forms of energy capable of being transmitted from one person to another. Rupert Sheldrake’s fascinating experiments will be discussed.
Exploring the Ancient Wisdom of Sacred Space and SoundSusan E. HaleJul 16 2011 Susan Hale explores some of the ideas presented in her recently published book of the same title. This program was given at the 125th Summer National Gathering of the Theosophical Society in America.
The Extraordinary Nature of the Ordinary MindJoy MillsApr 1 1990 Discusses the extraordinary potential of the mind. The speaker draws from the philosophies of Hinduism and Theosophy.
Finding the Sacred Ground in a Troubled WorldCynthia OverwegJul 20 2013 In our search for meaning and purpose, we may sometimes feel overwhelmed or saddened by personal loss. But deep down, we know there is a sacred space in our hearts which can free us from ourselves.
The Foundation of Our FutureTim BoydDec 12 2011 In the late 19th century the Theosophical Society came into being to move human thinking to the next level and set the stage for the explosion of involvement in spirituality that we see today. What might be our direction going forward?
Foundations of the Ageless WisdomEd AbdillApr 15 1995 A look at some key Theosophical theories from H. P. Blavatsky's great work "The Secret Doctrine" and their useful application.
Four Emotions of the BuddhaJohn CianciosiDec 1 2011 The speaker reflects on what the Buddha called the four "sublime emotions" by which the mind reaches out to the immeasurable world of living beings and embraces them all with a boundless heart.
The Future of Esoteric ChristianityRichard SmoleyOct 31 2008 A look at the dilemma of the outer versus the inner circle of religion. Smoley suggests how the external forms of the faith, understood literally, relate to esoteric truths, which point not to historical fact but to inner experience and awakening.
G. I. Gurdjieff: Waking Up from the Sleep of Daily LifeRichard SmoleyMay 24 2012 The great spiritual teacher G. I. Gurdjieff said that human beings actually are asleep in day-to-day life, and that we habitually walk around in a low-grade hypnotic stupor. What is the nature of this waking sleep, and what is the way out of it?
The Gandhi You May Not KnowRajmohan GandhiJun 2 2008 The grandson of Mahatma Gandhi brings to light lesser known or unexpected aspects of a famous man we think we know. The speaker offers speculation on approaches Mahatma Gandhi might recommend on today’s critical issues.
Glory Be! Discovering Christianity's Mystical RootsGabriele UhleinJan 30 2014 Using colorful and inspiring examples from the saints and their spiritual experiences, Sister Gabriele examines the value of living life deeply and contemplatively in this fragmented and often chaotic world.
Godseed: The Journey of the ChristJean HoustonJan 1 1992 Written and narrated by Jean Houston.
The Golden Section and the Roots of TheosophyScott Olsen, Ph.D.Mar 15 2011 Is the Golden Section the mathematical ratio that is the building block of all nature? What is its relationship to Theosophy? The speaker explores some of the insights that led to his award-winning book, “The Golden Section: Nature's Greatest Secret."
The Golden Section: Nature's Greatest SecretScott A. Olsen, Ph.D.Aug 11 2010 The golden section is a fundamental principle of aesthetics applied in music and architecture, and was taught in the ancient mystery schools of Egypt and Greece; but scientists also see it operating in the transformation of forms, life, and consciousness.
Good Karma DivorceMichele LowranceMar 1 2011 The anger and resentment of ending relationships can damage the hearts and destinies of those separating, as well as those around them. Judge Lowrance guides us through the steps necessary to achieve a "Good Karma Divorce."
Grace and Gratitude: Secrets of a Joy-Filled LifeAndrew VidichNov 15 2012 Enjoying a life filled with inner joy is not only our birthright—it’s why we are here! Learn how we can make each day one rich with joy and inner peace through the gift of gratitude?
Guess Who's Coming to Dinner? The New PluralismRon MillerFeb 23 2010 Some of us remember a time when a person rarely saw people different from ourselves. But today it is a rare person who doesn't have someone of a different race, faith, or sexual orientation somewhere in the family. How might we view this new plualism?
H. P. Blavatsky - Woman of Mystery: White Lotus Day CommemorationStephan HoellerMay 1 1991 White Lotus Day commemorates H. P. Blavatsky's death. This lecture looks at Blavatsky's many contributions to the ancient wisdom tradition.
H. P. Blavatsky RememberedDavid BruceMay 4 2006 May 8 is White Lotus Day, commemorating the passing in 1891 of the principle founder of the Theosophical Society. Learn how this fascinating character labored heroically to bring the Ageless Wisdom to the modern world.
Harry Potter and the Mystic QuestJohn AlgeoSep 9 2001 This entertaining program will reveal metaphysical insights surrounding J.K. Rowling's book, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone.
Has Man Lived on Earth Before?Geoffrey HodsonJan 1 1967 A basic introduction to the concept of reincarnation.
Healing Our Religious WoundsBiship John Shelby SpongJun 4 2010 An activist, speaker, and author, Bishop John Shelby Spong is an outspoken advocate for church reform. He shares a message of life based on love not hate, inclusion rather than exclusion, and intelligent, questioning faith rather than blind belief.
Healing the Jewish-Christian Rift: Growing Beyond Our Wounded HistoryRon MillerApr 6 2006 Christianity told its story from the beginning with an anti-Jewish spin. In discussing that spin and its consequences, the speaker talks abut ways to form a better future for both religious communities.
Heart of the KoranLex HixonAug 1 1988 "Neither as Christians or Jews," says Hixon, "have members of Western civilization been sensitively educated or even accurately informed about Islam." Also shown is the spiritual practice communally performed by Sufis known as the Zikr.
Hermeticism and Gnosticism: Volume 1Stephan HoellerJul 15 2004 The speaker is an author and scholar specializing in Gnosticism and Jungian psychology and a bishop of the Ecclesia Gnostica. A seminar held at the Olcott School of Theosophy at the Theosophical Society in America, Wheaton, Illinois, October 16-20, 2003.
Hermeticism and Gnosticism: Volume 2Stephan HoellerMar 24 2008 The speaker is an author and scholar specializing in Gnosticism and Jungian psychology and a bishop of the Ecclesia Gnostica. A seminar held at the Olcott School of Theosophy at the Theosophical Society in America, Wheaton, Illinois, October 16-20, 2003.
Hermeticism and Gnosticism: Volume 3Stephan HoellerMar 24 2008 The speaker is an author and scholar specializing in Gnosticism and Jungian psychology and a bishop of the Ecclesia Gnostica. A seminar held at the Olcott School of Theosophy at the Theosophical Society in America, Wheaton, Illinois, October 16-20, 2003.
Hermeticism and Gnosticism: Volume 4Stephan HoellerMar 24 2008 The speaker is an author and scholar specializing in Gnosticism and Jungian psychology and a bishop of the Ecclesia Gnostica. A seminar held at the Olcott School of Theosophy at the Theosophical Society in America, Wheaton, Illinois, October 16-20, 2003.
A Historical Look at the Theosophical MovementJohn CooperMar 29 2010 An outline of the history of the Theosophical movement from its inception in 1875.
How Quantum Activism Can Save CivilizationAmit GoswamiJul 23 2012 At a presentation of the 126th Summer National Convention of the Theosophical Society in America, quantum physicist Amit Goswami introduces a new paradigm of science based on quantum physics and the primacy of consciousness.
How to MeditateThe Theosophical Society in AmericaJan 1 1989 Four 15-minute programs within The Eternal Quest National Radio Series. Four programs in 2 parts. (1) Approaches to Meditation, (2) Concentration as Meditation, (3) The Art of Inner Listening, (4) Music as Meditation.
I'm Dead! Now What?Dick BrooksJul 16 1996 An exploration of religious and Theosophical theories on life after death.
In the Name of LightWilliam MeaderJun 16 2011 Light is a term used in most spiritual traditions to depict the nature of divinity, both within oneself and hidden within the circumstances of life. Indeed, we often describe divinity in terms of the "light of God."
Interdependence: A Common Thread in Buddhism and Modern PhysicsJim KenneyMay 17 2011 Interdependence - the interpenetration and mutuality of every "thing" in existence with every other - is a central philosophical concept in Mahayana Buddhism. It also resonates in many dimensions of modern physics' emerging map of the universe.
Interrelations between Planetary and Human EvolutionVictor GostinFeb 21 2007 Explore the recent geological and human genetic research showing the relationship between dramatic climate change and the emergence of humankind.
Journey Into Beauty: How Nature Supports Our Every StepKathy GannAug 25 2010 Nature’s beauty is inspiring, but does it provide real support on the spiritual path? The speaker gives examples of how nature provides nourishment, stability, and guidance as we navigate the spiritual path.
Joyful Gnosis: Gnosticism and Blavatsky's WisdomStepan HoellerOct 16 2003 Over a century ago, H. P. Blavatsky pioneered an understanding of Gnostic spirituality. Beyond Belief by Elaine Pagels has again brought Gnosticism to public attention. This talks compares the Theosophy of Blavatsky with Gnostic spirituality.
Jung and the FutureRichard SmoleySep 22 2011 The great psychologist C. G. Jung was not a prophet, but many of his writings, including "The Red Book and Aeon", offer a prophetic vision for humanity in the present age. What did Jung see and how accurate were his views?
Kandinsky, Spiritual Insight, and Abstract ArtDan NogaApr 19 2010 Wassily Kandinsky, a major figure in abstract art, was deeply influenced by Theosophy. The speaker explores Theosophical ideas that inspired the artist as well as their influence on the way we perceive reality.
Karma and Rebirth in BuddhismJohn CianciosiFeb 26 2014 The Buddhist teachings on Karma and Rebirth are often confused with ideas about fate and the reincarnation of the soul. However, the Buddha was very careful to refute the notion of fatalism and the belief in a soul that transmigrates from life to life.
Karma and Social EvolutionEmanuel KuntzelmanOct 17 2013 How do we make a positive shift in global consciousness when our social institutions are reluctant to change? The speaker suggests that, through the power of intention, we can harness the creative energy necessary to generate positive social change.
Karma, Skandhas, and PersonalityShirley NicholsonAug 25 2010 This program shows how our personality is made up from forces known as skandhas and how the skandhas create our karma.
The Key to TheosophyJohn Algeo and Anton LysyMay 11 1999 A contemporary interpretation of H. P. Blavatsky's classic work The Key to Theosophy (1889), an "exposition, in the form of questions and answers, of the ethics, science, and philosophy" for the study of Theosophy.
Knowledge and Wisdom: A White Lotus Day TalkDavid BruceMay 17 2011 The book "The Voice of the Silence" contains a passage in which the disciple asks the teacher, "What shall I do to reach to wisdom?" In this program, David Bruce explores the relationship between knowledge and wisdom.
Krishnamurti and Eastern PhilosophyRavi RavindraApr 25 2002 An exploration of Indian thought, referring especially to the principal Upanishads, the Yoga Sutras, and the Bhagavad Gita in the context of questions raised by the spiritual teacher, Jiddu Krishnamurti.
Letters to a Dying FriendAnton GroszJan 1 1991 Based on the Quest Book, this video discusses the near and after death experience. A program in The Eternal Quest video series.
Light on the PathMabel CollinsSep 13 1996 Produced at the national center of the Theosophical Society in America, this classic on the spiritual path is read by film and stage actress Dana Ivey.
Lilith: The Cosmic FeminineM. Kelley HunterNov 5 2009 Renewed interest in the goddess has brought many faces of the divine feminine into modern awareness. Lilith is one of the most alluring and is the name given to four astronomical points; an asteroid, a star, a dark "ghost" moon, and the "black" moon.
Living Theosophy: At the Feet of the MasterDavid Bruce, Tim Boyd, Pablo Sender, & Juliana CesanoApr 27 2011 This fourth series of 4 programs on "Living Theosophy" explores the teachings given in the book "At the Feet of the Master." 1-Discerning between the Real and the Unreal; 2-The Uncolored Mind; 3-Six Virtues for Daily Living; 4-The Everlasting Web of Love.
Living Theosophy: Developing Spiritual WisdomPablo SenderSep 15 2010 This first series of 4 talks focuses on wisdom and how to attain it. Titles include: The Need for Wisdom, Preparing the Ground, Study as a Form of Yoga, and Reaching the Spiritual Mind.
Living Theosophy: Light on the PathPablo SenderOct 19 2011 This sixth series of 4 programs on Living Theosophy explores the Theosophical classic by Mabel Collins, "Light on the Path," which contains terse and somewhat paradoxical instructions for those who would live the spiritual life.
Living Theosophy: The Evolving CosmosPablo SenderNov 14 2012 This 9th series of Living Theosophy programs explores the question, "What is evolution?" Is there a purpose behind it? Explore the aim of human existence in the context of a living cosmos.
Living Theosophy: The Masters and Their WisdomPablo Sender & Tim BoydFeb 9 2011 This third series of 4 programs on "Living Theosophy" addresses the question of who are the Masters or Adepts mentioned in Theosophical literature? References will be made to the book The Mahatma Letters to A. P. Sinnett.
Living Theosophy: The Origin and Constitution of Our CosmosPablo SenderApr 25 2012 This 8th series of Living Theosophy programs explores the question, "how did the universe come into being?" Was it created out of nothing? Is there anything other than the matter which we perceive through our senses?
Living Theosophy: The Practice of MeditationJoe Hasiewicz, Ed Moskowitz, Amber LeFevour, and Michele ShieldsFeb 26 2014 Meditation, although not the only component of the spiritual life, is an important aspect of it. This Living Theosophy series explores the foundations of a good meditation practice and the obstacles encountered by the aspirant.
Living Theosophy: The Secret PathPablo SenderMay 29 2013 Everything in the cosmos is subject to a process of evolution that takes eons to unfold. The Theosophical teachings point to the existence of a path that can greatly accelerate the evolutionary process in those who are able to tread it.
Living Theosophy: The Soul's Journey through Life and DeathPablo SenderFeb 27 2013 Being human, which began with primitive man and ends with an enlightened being, takes eons to accomplish. Explore the natural laws and processes that affect the soul's journey through lives and deaths.
Living Theosophy: The Transforming Power of TheosophyPablo Sender; Vic Hao Chin, Jr.; Micheal Gomes; Adam Warcup; & Tim Boyd Feb 29 2012 In this 7th "Living Theosophy" series, well-known members of the Theosophical Society delve into the power of Theosophical teachings to fundamentally change our lives.
Living Theosophy: The Voice of the SilencePablo SenderJul 27 2011 In this fifth series of 4 programs on Living Theosophy, Pablo Sender discusses teachings found in "The Voice of the Silence" by Mme. Blavatsky, concerning the seeker's inner awakening and development.
Living Theosophy: The Yoga of TheosophyPablo SenderDec 6 2010 This second series of 4 programs on "Living Theosophy" explores the relevancy of Theosophy to the spiritual path. Titles include: Introduction, Service as a Spiritual Practice, Study and Transformation, and Theosophical Meditation.
Living Theosophy: Theosophy and ChristianityPablo Sender, Michele Shields, and James LeFevourNov 20 2013 Explore some of the hidden dimensions to be found in Christian teachings: 1. Esoteric Christianity, 2. The Book of Job - A Tale of Initiation, 3. Therapeutae, Gnostics, and the New God, and 4. Inner Meanings of the Gospels.
Los objetivos de la Sociedad TeosóficaRadha Burnier y Dora KunzJun 1 1986 La entrevista debate el significado de los tres objetivos de la Sociedad Teosófica. ¿cuáles son los conceptos teosóficos más importantes?
The Magic of Spiritual CreativityWilliam MeaderSep 26 2013 Explore spiritual creativity and the ancient steps of transforming the soul's wisdom into tangible outer effects (white magic). In the proper environment, the soul and its energy can be expressed outward into the world as an act of creative service.
The Mahatmas and Their LettersSteve SchweizerJun 3 2010 Many of the core teachings of Theosophy are found in letters written by “Masters of the Wisdom” to early members of the Theosophical Society. This documentary explores the fascinating people and paranormal events surrounding these mysterious writings.
Mainstreaming TheosophyVicente Hao ChinFeb 9 2012 Although the Theosophical Society has been in existence for over 136 years, it is not yet in the mainstream of human thought. The speaker suggests what the Theosophical Society can do to integrate its worldview with modern mainstream culture.
Make Me an Instrument of Your Peace: The Amazing Encounter of St. Francis of Assisi and the Sultan..Sister Gabriele UhleinJul 20 2013 In 1219, during the Fifth Crusade, St. Francis was escorted by Muslim soldiers to the Sultan, Malek al-Kamil. There he met Sufi teachers, and returned dramatically changed.
Making Your Mind Your Best FriendBaba Shuddhaanandaa BrahmachariJun 17 2010 In our pursuit of happiness we often seek outside help, but in our darkest moments can feel alone. We learn by reading, attending workshops, and going to schools, yet, we don't tap into the most learned teacher, one that is always available—our minds.
Manifest Destiny: Theosophical History as Spiritual NarrativeMichael GomesJul 21 2012 At a presentation of the 126th Summer National Convention of the Theosophical Society in America, historian Michael Gomes suggests that we look at the Founders of the Theosophical Society in a new way: as spiritual metaphors.
Masters of Wisdom: The Mahatmas, Their Letters, and The PathEd AbdillFeb 13 2014 Ever since Blavatsky introduced two of the Masters to the Western world, there has been a great deal of speculation regarding them. Ed Abdill attempts to sort fact from fiction, highlighting some of their teachings.
The Mechanism for KnowingTim BoydMar 29 2012 Manly Hall, when asked about the source of his profound insight, commented that "often it is easier to know, than to know how you know." If there really are individuals with superior knowledge, how might we access this same power of mind within ourselves?
Medical Diagnosis by ClairvoyancePhoebe BenditMay 14 2010 Phoebe Bendit was born with psychic powers, which she developed to a high degree of accuracy through her work in the medical field. In this talk, Phoebe Bendit and her husband Laurence discuss the power of clairvoyance as a tool for healing.
Meditation and Higher ConsciousnessPablo SenderMay 31 2012 Simple meditation practices can potentially help us, both physically and psychologically, but can they help us to develop spiritually? Explore how meditation can help us to move beyond self-centered thinking to that of the transpersonal mind.
The Meditative PathJohn CianciosiOct 4 2001 An ordained Buddhist monk uses his own experience to make meditation relevant to contemporary life.
A Mind to Embrace the UniverseAdam WarcupJun 1 1991 With ideas taken from H. P. Blavatsky's great work, "The Secret Doctrine," this program explores the capabilities of the human mind.
Mindfulness in the World: Health & Healing through Right PerceptionFernando de TorrijosJul 21 2013 A presentation of the 127th summer national convention of the Theosophical Society in America explores techniques of mindfulness and right perception as ways for healing ourselves and for helping those around us.
Mindfulness MeditationJack HatfieldSep 24 2009 A program at the 123rd National Gathering of the Theosophical Society in America, examining the theme of "together differently" and the possibility for people of diverse cultural and religious backgrounds coming together in unity.
Moving Toward Wholeness: Mandalas, Jungian Archetypes, and Self-healingBarbara HebertFeb 9 2006 Using Jungian concepts and mandalas, this experiential program facilitates the understanding of both wholeness and the self-healing archetype.
The Mysterious Madame BlavatskyStephan Hoeller, with William MetzgerJan 2 1990 Explores H. P. Blavatsky's work in the light of the latest metaphysical developments.
The Mystic, the Scholar, and the MagusPablo SenderNov 14 2013 In its search for truth, humanity has developed three main approaches: the path of the mystic, the path of the scholar, and the path of the Magus or Yogi. What are some methods of avoiding the pitfalls of these paths, particularly those of the Magus?
Mystical Body, Man of Light: The Lost Secret of the Cosmic ChristRoger WoolgerNov 1 2008 In this wide-ranging, sometimes startling exploration of lost traditions and little-understood teachings, using stunning slide-images, Dr. Woolger shows how the "Man of Light" pervades the universe in a human yet spiritual form.
Mystical Verses of a Mad Dalai LamaGlenn MullinMar 28 2000 The author details the Tibetan Buddhist institution of the Dalai Lamas with special insights on the second Dalai Lama of Tibet, Gendun Gyatso. A program in the Eternal Quest video series.
Mysticism and ParapsychologyJoy MillsJan 1 1973 The speaker discusses the essential characteristics of the mystical experience and how mysticism relates to paranormal phenomena.
Mysticism: Bridge to NowherePedro OliveiraApr 26 1995 Mysticism is a radical experience to transcendence. Includes ideas of Rumi, Eckhart, and St. Paul (12 parts on 6 tapes).
Myth and Meaning in ChristianityRobert EllwoodMay 4 2009 Prof. Ellwood will briefly survey several major types of myth – creation, hero, eschatological, “charter” — with examples from Christianity.
Myth: A Once and Future Map to the Inner LandscapeJohn AlgeoMay 6 2009 A myth is something that never happened but that is always true—so said Sallustius, a fourth-century Neo-Platonist. That wise old Greek pointed out that myths are about things that happen inside our souls.
Mythic Woman, Authentic SelfAnanya RajanJun 9 2011 The speaker explains how the idea of the Mythic Woman was created, how it is kept alive through the media and advertising, and how this keeps women from realizing who they truly are as individuals.
The Nature of the Mystical ExperienceJoy MillsJan 1 1973 Referring to classic examples of mysticism from both the East and the West, as well as scriptural references, poetry, and literature on the subject, Joy Mills describes the common characteristics of the mystical experience.
Nature: Gateway to Sacred TreasureMaria Parisen, Uma Krishnamurthy, Scott Olsen, Jonathan Zimmer, & Amit GoswamiAug 25 2010 A panel of key speakers from 124th Summer National Gathering of the Theosophical Society in America, answer questions related to the theme of the conference.
The Near-Death Experience as a Basis for Religious UnityRobert EllwoodAug 1 1993 Discusses near-death experiences and how they are cross-cultural in nature.
Near-Death Experience: A Theosophical PerspectiveBetty BlandApr 18 1996 Betty Bland relates her personal experience of the near-death state to Theosophy.
The New AtheistsRon MillerMay 6 2009 Christopher Hitchens and Sam Harris are two representatives of a new wave of atheism in the post-9/11 world. The speaker examines some of the more popular arguments used by this new breed of atheists to see if they have any merit.
The Objects UnveiledEd AbdillAug 25 2010 An overview of the three objects of the Theosophical Society; should their wording be changed to suit the times or not?
The Obligatory PilgrimageC.V.K. MaithreyaJul 17 2011 In The Secret Doctrine by H. P. Blavatsky, the author speaks of an "obligatory pilgrimage" which all human beings undergo. This program was given at the 125th Summer National Gathering of the Theosophical Society in America.
The Olcott CampusSusan OhlhaberMar 9 2002 A brief tour of Olcott, the beautiful campus of the Theosophical Society in America, located in Wheaton, Illinois.
On Root Causes and SymptomsVic Hao Chin, Jr.Apr 12 2007 This illustrated talk, produced by the Theosophical Order of Service, outlines five principles through which efforts to undertake reforms will be more permanent and address the deeper causes of societal problems.
Our Gnostic Legacy: The Western Esoteric TraditionRichard SmoleyFeb 21 2007 What is the Western esoteric tradition? What role has it played in the development of our civilization, and where is it headed now? Mr. Smoley will give an overview of some of the key themes of the Western esoteric tradition.
An Overview of the International TOSCarolyn HarrodJul 24 2013 The speaker presents an overview of the worldwide work and the Theosophical Order of Service at the 3rd International Workers' Conference, held at the national center of The Theosophical Society in America.
Parapsychology: An Overview of the ParanormalRichard BrooksOct 16 2000 An overview of the paranormal, including various examples and many case studies, by a professional parapsychologist. A week-long course given in October 2000 at an Elderhostel program held by the Olcott Institute.
Peace Like a River: The Parliament of Worlds Religions, 1893-1993 Oct 10 2007
A Perspective on How to TeachRenee WeberJul 1 1985 Considerations on the communication process and how to apply it to Theosophical discussions.
Perspectives on N. Sri Ram's TeachingsRadha BurnierJul 20 2003 A presentation at the 117th Annual Meeting and Summer School of the Theosophical Society in America by the international president of the Theosophical Society, sharing insights of her father's life and teachings.
Planting Seeds of Kindness: Buddha Nature as Maitreya and MotherMartha LibsterApr 26 2012 Demonstrating kindness in healing service is an opportunity for the active expression of the fruits of spiritual study, reflection, and meditation.
Pop-Theosophy: Spirituality in Graphic NovelsJames LeFevourMar 6 2013 This fascinating PowerPoint presentation explores how modern-day spiritual epics, in the form of graphic novels, give instruction on Theosophy or the attainment of "divine wisdom."
The Power of AwarenessPablo SenderMay 23 2013 We tend to repeat mistakes or create new problems in solving old ones. Fortunately, we possess a higher faculty, i.e. mindfulness or awareness, that can bring about a fundamental change in ourselves and in society when we discover how to tap into it.
The Power of Stillness: Cultivating Inner Silence through MeditationAndrew VidichMay 2 2013 Explore the nature of our mind, the power of thought, and the means of liberating our consciousness from reactive thinking patterns. Discover the effect of our thoughts on our body and inner self, as well as, the power of thought to affect others.
Practical SufismPhillip GowinsFeb 10 2011 After a public talk in 1979, Phillip Gowins committed himself to a Sufi path. Gowins will share his personal challenges and stories of Sufi mystics in a discussion of his recent book, Practical Sufism: A Field Guide to the Spiritual Path.
Practical Tantric Buddhist MethodsGlenn MullinMar 29 2003 An introduction to Tantric Buddhism, known to Tibetan mystics as Jang-chub Nyur-lam, or "The Quick Path to Enlightenment." Tibetans have used these techniques for centuries for stress reduction, the healing of disease, and as a path to freedom.
Practice and Inner JourneyJohn CianciosiJul 27 2009 A program at the 123rd National Gathering of the Theosophical Society in America, examining the theme of "together differently" and the possibility for people of diverse cultural and religious backgrounds coming together in unity.
Psychotherapy and Religion: Psychedelic AdvancesBruce Sewick and Thomas Roberts, Ph. D.Nov 23 2013 With a so-called "psychedelic renaissance" occurring, what are its implications for psychotherapy and mental health, for religion and spiritual growth? Is our era of word-based religion being replaced by an era of direct, personal spiritual experience?
The Reach of HappinessTim BoydFeb 6 2014 Much of what we do, our day-to-day activities, is directed toward achieving happiness, if only momentarily. The ageless wisdom brings perspective to the search and the need for happiness, viewing it as an indication of something more profound.
Rebirth of the Esoteric Tradition: 1875 - 2000Stephan HoellerDec 20 2010 H. P. Blavatsky, H. S. Olcott, and other Theosophical founders hold sway as champions of an eternal esoteric tradition. How does this tradition manifest in the 21st century?
The Red Book of C. G. Jung: Its Meaning for Our AgeStephan HoellerJan 5 2011 In October 2009, the launch of "The Red Book: Liber Novus" generated great interest and excitement. Although Jung worked on this book from 1914-30, it was never published. Dr. Hoeller presents a concise statement of the content and import of this work.
The Red Corner: The Creative Dimension of Folk Christianity in Russia and BeyondCherry GilchristNov 2 2008 Russia is known as the country of “two faiths,” where Christianity and native traditions merge. Orthodox faith blends with ancient magical practices, and Christian saints take on the personality and powers of older gods.
Reincarnation for EveryoneJames PerkinsJan 1 1956 An introduction to this perennial concept.
Reincarnation: The Untrue FactJohn AlgeoJan 1 1988 Gives compelling scientific evidence suggestive of reincarnation.
The Remarkable Life of Col. H. S. OlcottTony Lysy with Diana March, Martin Pazdioch, and Mark RoemmichFeb 21 2007 Henry Steel Olcott was the first International President of the Theosophical Society and served in this office for 32 years. During his travels around the world, he was able to establish rapport with people of different religions and walks of life.
The Return of the Absent MotherCarol ParrishNov 1 2008 Sophia (Wisdom) is the Greek name for the feminine principle of Creation. In this workshop, Dr. Parrish will describe how Sophia, although unrecognized for centuries, has continued to accompany humanity, appearing in intuitive flashes.
Revelation, the Timeless FlashEd AbdillAug 1 1993 Discusses the impact of spiritual revelation, what H. P. Blavatsky said about it, and its transformative power.
Riding the Waves of Planetary Change: Tuning into the ZeitgeistRay GrasseMay 17 2012 Every historical period possesses unique qualities, something philosophers call the "zeitgeist" or "spirit of the age." The speaker shows how our personal astrological horoscopes are intimately bound with the larger planetary trends affecting society.
The Role of Karma in LifeDora KunzMay 8 2009 The painful lessons that karma sometimes brings us are not meant to be punitive, but are meant to educate the soul how to live in greater harmony with the laws of the universe.
The Root of Pain and Source of HealingTim BoydDec 12 2013 Healthy people do not seek it out, but everyone has to find ways to deal with it, and to a self-aware person it can become of the greatest teachers leading to healing and wisdom.
Sacred Activism and Social DemocracyAndrew HarveyFeb 23 2010 The speaker discusses Sacred Activism, which is the fusion of the deepest mystical knowledge and passion with wise focused radical action in the world. Special attention will be paid to the great mystics Sri Aurobindo and Father Bede Griffiths.
Sacred Science: Ancient Wisdom or Modern Fad?Ralph HannonAug 25 2010 Sacred science and the ancient wisdom are topics frequently discussed at Theosophical venues. But is science really sacred or has it become too adored? Has the word quantum become nothing more than another marketing tool for the New Age?
Science and Mysticism: The Search for UnityRenee Weber and Ravi RavindraOct 1 1986 Explores the different types of unity sought by mystics and scientists.
Science, History, and Healing - The Many Faces of the Ageless Wisdom: Panel DiscussionPanel DiscussionJul 24 2012 Amit Goswami, Rollin McCraty, Robyn Finseth, and Michael Gomes take questions from the audience and discuss the key topics covered at the 126th Summer National Convention of the Theosophical Society in America.
The Secret Doctrine: Esoteric Insights and Spiritual PracticePablo SenderApr 21 2013 This series was presented in video form to a live audience at the 2013 Australian School of Theosophy in Queensland and looks at some key theories, and possible applications of them, from H. P. Blavatsky's magnum opus, The Secret Doctrine.
The Secret GatewayEd AbdillMar 9 2006 Based on his Quest Book of the same title, Ed Abdill presents an easy to understand but insightful interpretation of the basic Theosophical concepts established in the late nineteenth century by the brilliant mystic, H.P. Blavatsky.
The Secret Life of Elvis PresleyGary TilleryOct 10 2013 The public Elvis was a conservative Southern Christian and daily Bible reader. But Elvis also studied meditation, practiced numerology, and experimented with telekinesis. Find out more about the man that author Tillery calls the "Seeker King."
The Secret of Who You Really ArePablo SenderMar 8 2012 Is humanity inherently limited, needing a savior to deliver us from suffering and spiritual ignorance, or are we already enlightened and all we have to do is be what we really are. Which view is right? Can they both be correct?
Seek Out the WayJoy MillsJul 18 1999 A presentation at the 113th Annual Meeting and Summer School of the Theosophical Society in America, that looks at guideposts for living a Theosophical life.
Self-Transformation and the Future of ReligionRadha BurnierAug 31 1993 The international President of the Theosophical Society, Adyar, explores a higher vision for religion. Presented at the 1993 Parliament of the World's Religions.
Seven Presidents, Seven Eras: The Changing Face of TheosophyRobert Ellwood and Joy MillsMar 22 2011 What significant events have shaped the Theosophical Society and what are the unique contributions of each of its Presidents? The speakers review some of the key moments in the Society’s history and the unique challenges facing it in the 21st century.
The Seven Rays: Keys to World Peace and Personal WholenessJohn AlgeoMay 11 2006 The Seven Rays have often been used as a type of personality analysis, but they are reflected in everything in the world: in cultures and nations, as well as in us. Their proper balance within each of us is fundamental to social and spiritual harmony.
Sex and SpiritualityRon MillerJun 2 2008 Two models of spiritual growth were in competition in early Christianity. The first was "blessed participation," from Judaism. The second was "holy abstinence," from Platonism. Explore their effects on Christian spirituality to this day.
Shamanic Healing TechniquesCarol WardFeb 23 2007 Shamans believe that disturbances can be treated in the luminous body or aura before they manifest in the body. Some of this work is similar to Jungian analysis in that it works with archetypes and the mythical.
Shedding Light on the Mayan PathBarbara SadtlerOct 25 2012 Ironically, as December 21, 2012, approaches, the Maya may be distinguished on the world stage for credibility and accuracy. By deepening our understanding of the Maya, we may heighten our appreciation of their gifts to humanity.
A Sinner's Semester: A Fundamental EducationRon MillerDec 6 2010 What happens when a mildly committed Quaker from Brown University spends a semester at Liberty University in Lynchburg, Virginia—a university created by Jerry Falwell as a center for teaching fundamentalist Christianity?
Socrates: The Archetypal SearcherRenee WeberMay 8 2009 The philosophy of Socrates and his view of the Search for Truth as a mission from his inner voice.
Some Thoughts on the Work and Value of the Theosophical SocietyRadha BurnierMay 23 2012 In this informal gathering with staff members of the Theosophical Society in America, the Theosophical Society's international president considers the importance of Theosophical work in the world.
The Soul's Growth through ReincarnationDavid BruceNov 8 2012 Just as each human being requires a number of years to reach maturity, so does each soul require more than a single lifetime to reach its spiritual "adulthood." Our innate talents are not "gifts," but rather the result of past efforts.
The Spirit of Physics: The Physics of SpiritPatricia MonaghanJul 26 2004 Exploring the speaker's poetry of Chaos Theory
The Spiritual Dimension Time TravelFred Alan WolfOct 21 2004 By examining the ideas of quantum physics and the ancient wisdom, the author of The Yoga of Time Travel suggests that we are now able to comprehend how the concepts of time and mind are reconcilable and can, in fact, have the same meaning.
Spiritual Intuition and Inner JoyEd AbdillJul 19 2011 This program contemplates the role of intuition in the spiritual life. It was given at the 125th Summer National Gathering of the Theosophical Society in America.
Spiritual Journey and the ComicsMary AbdillJul 16 2011 Mary Abdill presents a humorous view of spirituality as seen through the eyes of the comic strips. This program was given at the 125th Summer National Gathering of the Theosophical Society in America.
Spiritual Lessons of ChaosPatricia MonaghanJul 27 2004 A discussion of the spiritual implications of Chaos Theory
Standing Your Sacred GroundEboo PatelMay 16 2013 Such great Americans from George Washington to Martin Luther King Jr. have been “interfaith leaders.” Sharing stories from the front lines, this program looks the growing body of research on how faith can be a bridge of cooperation rather than a barrier.
Stepping Stones on the PilgrimageDr. Sunita MaithreyaJul 19 2011 Incidents in life that are difficult and stressful at the time, are often seen in retrospect as essential stepping stones on our spiritual pilgrimage. This program was given at the 125th Summer National Gathering of the Theosophical Society in America.
Steps to TranscendenceTim BoydJun 20 2013 Transcendence is one of our deepest resources, not only the experience of saints and sages. What is the nature of this hidden life, and what do the wisdom teachings of the ages have to say about how we might realize it?
The Still Point Between Good and EvilEd AbdillJul 23 2000 A presentation at the 114th Annual Meeting and Summer School of the Theosophical Society in America, questioning the existence of inherent evil and suggesting that it is we, as human beings, who are responsible for our experiences of both good and evil.
The Strength of Gentle WisdomJoy MillsJul 19 2003 A presentation of the 117th Annual Meeting and Summer School of the Theosophical Society in America, remembering the 5th International President of the Theosophical Society, N. Sri Ram.
The Structure and Function of the ChakrasDora Kunz and Shafica KaragullaJan 1 1985 A case study of how a clairvoyant perceives a patient's chakras and their correlation with the body.
Studies in the Key to TheosophyRalph HannonJul 29 1994 Look at science and education and their relationship to the Theosophical worldview, especially as seen from Madame Blavatsky's work The Key to Theosophy.
Supernatural: What Can We Know About Other Realities?Richard SmoleyFeb 21 2013 What’s the truth about such subjects as the prophecies of Nostradamus or the secret history of the life of Jesus? Richard Smoley, drawing on his new book "Supernatural: Writings on an Unknown History," will explore these subjects.
Synchronicity, Tarot, and the Joy of WondermentPaul QuinnMar 1 2012 Most of us have experienced events that are pleasantly mysterious, defying rational or scientific explanation. No matter what conclusion we come to about such events, they invite us to enjoy the humbling sense of wonder and delight in the mystery.
Templo De Luz: Meditación GuiadaNori RaoJan 1 1991 Nori Rao se dedica al es­tudio comparativo de Re­ligiones y Filosofías. Es ins­tructora de Yoga y fundadora de Oneness Network. Preside la Federación de la Florida de la Sociedad Teo­sófica en América.
The Theosophical Society in America: An Illustrated HistorySteve SchweizerFeb 7 2012 This documentary celebrates 137 years of Theosophy in America, from its founding in 1875 to 2012. Rare film footage and photos highlight this fascinating history. Sold on DVD as part of a 2-part set entitled Discovering the Theosophical Society.
A Theosophical View of Life after DeathPablo SenderSep 15 2011 Socrates said that the aim of the life of a philosopher is to get ready for death. Though this concept may seem foreign to many of us, the idea that physical life is a preparation for a fuller afterlife is basic to all serious spiritual traditions.
Theosophy and Krishnamurti: Harmonies and TensionsGovert SchüllerFeb 19 2004 How do Theosophy and Krishnamurti perceive each other? Possible answers will be presented as an ongoing discussion.

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Theosophy and the Religions of the WorldAnn Ford, Tim Boyd, and Robert EllwoodJul 27 2009 A program at the 123rd National Gathering of the Theosophical Society in America, examining the theme of "together differently" and the possibility for people of diverse cultural and religious backgrounds coming together in unity.
Theosophy and the World ReligionsRobert EllwoodJul 26 2009 A program at the 123rd National Gathering of the Theosophical Society in America, examining the theme of "together differently" and the possibility for people of diverse cultural and religious backgrounds coming together in unity.
Theosophy: Tradition, Revelation, InnovationJoy MillsAug 25 2010 The 1996 Founders address, given at the 110th Annual Meeting and Summer School of the Theosophical Society in America, explores the meaning of "Theosophy" and shows how we can express joy in Theosophical work.
Theosophy: Who Can Say What It Is?Joy MillsJul 1 1990 Are we caught up in cliches and rigid concepts or are we exploring liberating principles?
Thinking Our Way from Chaos to OrderJohn AlgeoJul 29 2004 How to use Hogwarts magic in everyday life
The Third Eye and Spiritual IntuitionPablo SenderDec 13 2012 The idea of a “third eye” is wide-spread in modern spirituality. What is this “eye”? This talk will explore the Theosophical teachings regarding this important subject as well as the practices recommended to awaken its dormant functions.
Through Death to RebirthJames PerkinsNov 1 1956 People often fear the thought of death, but the speaker assures us that we have nothing to fear from it, because each one of us has lived and died many times before.
Tibetan Contributions to Our Knowledge of Death and DyingGlenn MullinMay 6 1991 A workshop with a noted Tibetan scholar, historian, and author exploring Buddhist ideas about death and dying.
The TOS 100 Years from NowVic Hao Chin, Jr.Jul 24 2013 A presentation of the 3rd international workers' conference of the Theosophical Order of Service explores the mission of the TOS today and how it might still be of service well into the future.
TOS Short Talks: Service as Sacred LabourBirendra L. Bhattacharyya, Cynthia Trassi, & Dorothy Bell; with Richard SellJul 26 2013 Three speakers from the 3rd international worker's conference of the Theosophical Order of Service present short talks on the idea of service as sacred labor.
The True Value of Your Name and BirthdatePhilip ClarkJan 24 2013 Numerology is the science of vibrations. The numbers from 1 through 9 can tell you all the experiences that life presents. We have the ability to be and do anything we choose by knowing how to use the energies influencing us at any give time.
Turning-Points for the West: From Pythagorus and Plato through Gnosticism and NeoplatonismStephan Hoeller and Tony LysySep 11 2004 This series provides an orientation to the diffusion of Esoteric traditions from the Mysteries of Greece and Plato to the Hermeticism, Gnosticism, and Neoplatonism that flourished. The Gnostic Valentinus and the Neoplatonist Plotinus are highlighted.
The Two Hands of GodRichard BrooksOct 26 2000 An exploration of how Theosophy addresses the problem of good versus evil within an historical and religious context.
Understanding and Embracing ChangeFrank MoralesJan 26 2012 Change is the nature of life, but we see so much resistance to it. The speaker discusses how to reduce resistance to change on personal and social levels, and how to develop patience and compassion for others.
Understanding the Fields of ConsciousnessRobyn FinsethJul 22 2012 At a presentation of the 126th Summer National Convention of the Theosophical Society in America, the speaker deals with both the seen and unseen worlds, with further exploration of energy fields.
Unpacking the Parables: Jesus as Wisdom TeacherRon MillerApr 3 2010 We’re told that Jesus taught in parables. What is a parable and why is it such an effective teaching method? What do we learn about Jesus as a teacher and about his message from these parables?
The Uranus-Pluto Square: A Global Challenge for 2012 and BeyondDave GunningJan 5 2012 The demonstrations protesting corporate greed here in the U.S. and world-wide are manifestations of this aspect's energy. Though the Uranus-Pluto square is challenging, it also raises social, economic, and political awareness that is needed for change.
Urban SpiritualityTim BoydSep 13 2012 The recent phenomenon that the majority of the world's population now lives in cities has far-reaching implications, perhaps most of all, for our spiritual lives. How does one develop a spiritual practice in an environment divorced from nature?
The Value of NothingTim BoydMay 10 2012 There is a singular experience mentioned in mystical and spiritual traditions described oftentimes as "ineffable," "emptiness," and "silence." It cannot be bought or sold in the outer world but can be realized in that place where "no-thing" matters.
Vegetarianism and SpiritualityPat DavisJul 28 2005 A look at the Theosophical bases of vegetarianism.
A Very Different Christian StoryRon MillerMay 4 2011 Most people assume Christianity began as a unified movement and then fragmented in the course of its history. But ancient texts reveal that diversity was present from the beginning.
Violin and Piano RecitalCarmelo de los Santos, violin, and Regina Yeh, pianoJul 26 2004 A violin and piano recital presented at the 118th Annual Meeting and Summer School of the Theosophical Society in America with works by Schubert, Chopin, and Beethoven
The Voice of the SilenceH. P. BlavatskyJan 1 1997 An inspired reading of this Theosophical classic by Paul Meier.
The Way of the Mystic: Where Concepts Cannot ReachJohn CianciosiJan 17 2013 Through thinking we create, compare, analyze, understand, and describe. However, thinking and intellect are of little use and may even be obstacles for one seeking insight, reveleation, and the truly mystical experience.
What Is Consciousness?Richard SmoleyFeb 22 2010 There’s a huge amount of talk about consciousness today, but it’s often unclear what consciousness is. Drawing on his new book, The Dice Game of Shiva, Richard Smoley describes the nature of consciousness and how it creates the world we know.
What Is Enlightenment?John CianciosiJan 31 2008 In every spiritual tradition there is an ideal that the aspiring practitioner strives for. In Buddhism the ideal is Enlightenment, and realizing it is the goal of practice. Understanding the nature of this goal will help us to grow spiritually.
What Is Mysticism?Jon MundyNov 1 2008 Exactly what is esoteric and what is mystical? How are they the same and how do they differ, and what does this mean in the 21st century?
The Wheel of LifeMiguel SalinasJul 20 2011 One man recalls how a book on Theosophy helped transform his life of inner-city turmoil into one of spiritual practice in the service of others. This program was given at the 125th Summer National Gathering of the Theosophical Society in America.
Where Is Religion in America Going?Ron MillerOct 22 2008 What will religion in America look like in 2020? No one has a crystal ball but if we look at current trends, perhaps we can draw some conclusions that have at least a high probability of accuracy.
The Whispering of the TaoStephen WatsonApr 25 2013 Today's Taoist, though perhaps having traded a robe and bowl for a suit and iPhone, still walks among us. It is the person unmotivated by fear. If you look carefully you can know the Taoist as one who does not "duel" with duality. There is no opposition.
White Lotus Day and the Wisdom of ChinaDavid BruceMay 19 2009 White Lotus Day (May 8) commemorates the death of Helena Petrovna Blavatsky. Her teachings have some remarkable parallels with the ancient wisdom of China, particularly the Confucian BRRT principles: Brotherhood, Regularity, Reciprocity, and Trying.
White Lotus Day: Awakening to Higher ConsciousnessPablo SenderJun 4 2010 Our materialistic culture doesn’t give us the tools we need to stimulate the awakening of our spiritual consciousness. Our daily life tends to anchor us to the personal consciousness. Explore a Theosophical approach to reaching our higher consciousness.
Who Are the Founders? Chaos, Plan, and Order in the Society's HistoryJohn AlgeoJul 24 2004 A talk given at the 118th Annual Meeting and Summer School.
Why Am I a Theosophist?Dan NogaAug 25 2010 A young Theosophist talks about the path that eventually led him to join the Theosophical Society, and how he came to understand the meaning and relevance of the Society’s three declared Objects as a means to building a better world for the future.
Wings of the SoulClara CoddJan 1 1959 The door to divine wisdom must be opened by each individual by effort, concentration, and meditation.
The Wisdom of the "I Ching"Pablo SenderFeb 9 2011 The “I Ching”, widely used as a divination book, presents a deep philosophy of right action. It describes the ever-changing interplay of forces, where happiness depends on our ability to act harmoniously, instead of being governed by selfishness.
The Wonderful Life of Gautama the BuddhaRichard BrooksMay 8 2009 Professor Brooks tells some of the many stories about the life of this remarkable person, illustrating both the depth of his insights and his profound compassion for suffering humanity.
Working with the Wisdom: A Living PowerDorothy BellJul 22 2013 This presentation from the 127th annual summer convention of the Theosophical Society in America presents tools of Theosophical education and growing Theosophy as a living power in our lives.
Yoga Psychology and the Transformation of EmotionsUma KrishnamurthyAug 25 2010 The transformation of negative emotions to positive ones is a major problem in psychotherapy. This yoga psychologist will talk about the healing of negative emotions from the yoga perspective and her own research.

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